Dental care

Periodontitis and caries do not have to mean the loss of a tooth. Nowadays, preventive care and treatment mean it is possible to retain your own teeth until old age. Teeth are retained or rebuilt in their original form and function, or replaced with artificial substitutes.


1. Preventive measures

- Identification of periodontitis risks
- Nutritional advice
- Fluoridation
- Sealing of fissures
- Gentle teeth cleaning with Air-Flow®


2. Treatment

- Gentle, restorative dental care
- High-quality, aesthetic composite fillings
- Amalgam-free fillings
- Gentle whitening of discoloured teeth (bleaching)
- Modern, top-quality root canal treatment (endodontics)
- Surgical tooth preservation


Examples of treatment:

Examples of internal bleaching:

D E N T A L   P R A C T I C E