High-Quality Dental Implants inserted in the gentle MIMI®-Procedure
...you can smile again!

Here you can find information about the MIMI® procedure in combination with Champions®-Implants.

 Innovative - Successful for over 30 years
 Virtually painless
 Cost reduction by 50%, compared with conventional implantation procedures

Usually, a prosthodontic restoration can be immediately fitted, which means
you will not go home without a temporary!

Healthy and beautiful teeth contribute significantly to our quality of life and add to your personal success. Unfortunately, not everyone keeps all his/her teeth for his/her whole life.If you are looking for a more comfortable solution than a partial or full prosthesis, which can affect the sense of taste, dental implants (artificial tooth roots) are the perfect solution. Dental implants provide support for a single missing tooth restoration, for long-term removable prostheses,, and they can even avoid removable prostheses.



D E N T A L   P R A C T I C E