Laughing Gas (Nitrous Oxide) Treatment

For decades, laughing gas has been used as a safe and approved sedative agent in Dentistry to help fearful patients and patients who have a gag reflex. We use state-of-the-art devices as laughing gas sedative agents in our practice, which allow optimal provision of oxygen for the patient.


What Is Laughing Gas?

It is a colorless, odorless gas that tastes slightly sweet. Laughing gas is a very stable molecule that is very quickly absorbed but not processed in the body. After treatment, therefore, laughing gas does not remain the body.


How Does Laughing Gas Sedation Make You Feel?

Laughing gas is anxiolytic and helps patients to relax and dissociate from reality. It makes patients feel "light" and indifferent to the procedure. Thus, it can ease the patient’s anxiety during treatment.

How Does Sedation with Laughing Gas Work? What Side Effects Does It Have?

Before treatment, the patient receives a nasal mask that is connected with the laughing gas device. You can breathe in and out calmly through this mask. The mask consists of silicone and can be worn comfortably. The sedation begins and ends with pure oxygen. The laughing gas concentration is gradually increased until you feel relaxed. In this way, our patients are able to determine the laughing gas amount themselves. In rare cases you may feel unwell or dizzy, which can be treated quickly by breathing pure oxygen. During the whole treatment, we monitor patients with a pulse oximeter (oxygen saturation and pulse). Laughing gas is immediately effective and is absorbed through the lung. It prevents anxiety before it arises and makes you feel relaxed. Laughing gas is effective after 4-5 minutes and becomes ineffective 5-10 minutes after completion of administration. It is non-allergenic. The laughing gas sedation does not lead to physical restrictions after treatment; you can leave the practice and resume daily activities.


For Whom Is Laughing Gas Indicated?

Laughing gas is indicated for almost all our patients who are afraid of a dental treatment or who suffer from a sensitive gag reflex. Due to its very good monitoring, laughing gas sedation can be used for all treatments, from professional dental cleaning to surgery. Laughing gas sedation also helps fearful young patients to cope with a dental treatment. In this way, the treatment can be comfortable even for patients who have had a bad experience in a dental office.

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Atila Tan
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