You no longer have to put up with having a gap in your teeth. Today, fixed (crowns and bridges) and removable (partial and full dentures) prostheses are possible. Replacement of one or several teeth with implants has long been routine. Treatment always depends on the existing number of teeth, their distribution and the state of the periodontium.


To ensure the longevity of prostheses, we leave nothing to chance:

1. Cleaning of the teeth and elimination of existing diseases of the gums

2. Use and production of top-quality, tissue-compatible materials

3. Individual planning of the new dental prosthesis by the dentist/dental technician team


Examples of treatment:

Our aim is the optimal function and perfect aesthetics of your new dental prosthesis. Hence we also offer the following treatment in addition to the conventional treatment with dental prostheses:


With fixed dental prostheses:

1. Ceramic veneers

2. Individual ceramic veneers

3. Aesthetic procedures with ceramic inlays, partial and full crowns, and bridges

4. Aesthetic implantation of individual crowns and bridges




With removable dental prostheses:

1. Removable bridges

2. Overlay dentures

3. Full dentures

D E N T A L   P R A C T I C E