Dental Implants – for whom?

In the past, only well-off and privately insured patients, or famous people such as show stars, had been able to afford implant and prosthodontic therapy patients with private health insurance, for high-income earners, or for famous people such as show stars. However, for over 30 years, the gentle MIMI® procedure, which has revolutionized Implantology, has not only been affordable for high-income earners but for everyone, for regular statutory insurance recipients. MIMI® has the following advantages:

Cost-efficient Innovative, cost-saving method
 Nearly painless

Thanks to MIMI®, most patients don't suffer from pain

 Immediate loading

Champions implants can be immediately restored
and often also immediately loaded

Your smile is your calling card. Show your perfect smile every day! Enjoy life!



D E N T A L   P R A C T I C E