Two-Piece Implants

Two-piece implants are the classical implant types in Dental Implantology. They consist of the implant thread, which is surgically inserted into the jaw bone, and of an upper part, the abutment, which will later hold the prosthodontic restoration. These two parts are fixed by a screw. In the last years, it has been shown that the internal cone is optimal to connect the implant to the abutment.




Due to this internal cone, the "micro-gap" is smaller than 0.6 µm. A few years ago, the micro-cleft of standard two-piece implant systems was approx. 30 µm (by comparison: a bacterium has a size between 5 µm to 0.5 µm). The two-piece Champions® (R)Evolution implant with its micro-close connection of less than 0.6 µm has been introduced to the market until series of these implants, "Made in Germany", have been manufactured.


Another advantage of the two-piece Champions® (R)Evolution implant is that so far, it has been the only two-piece implant that can be inserted using MIMI®. You insert the Champions® (R)Evolution implant with the newly designed and patent-pending "Gingiva- Shuttle" so that the internal thread is protected and does not get worn until the final prosthodontic restoration is fitted. Many screwing and unscrewing procedures in the mouth of the patient are no longer necessary! No saliva or blood can contaminate the internal thread, neither during surgery nor when making the impression.


In addition, MIMI® means: protecting the material and using "intelligent" dental tools so that later a loosening of connecting screws and abutments can mostly be avoided.

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